YouTube Advertising

As many social networks continue to evolve to incorporate rich content like videos and images, YouTube’s growth as a marketing platform changes as well.

In fact, YouTube is currently the second most utilized search engine behind Google. The opportunity to reach millions of users daily provides a great incentive for businesses to use YouTube for video marketing and advertising.

YouTube Marketing Services

Genious offers a full range of comprehensive video services from scripting, transcription services, production, and editing, to YouTube channel optimization and AdWords for video management. Our experienced video production and social media marketing team has helped many businesses build their brand through YouTube advertising, video marketing, and optimization.

How YouTube Works

Whether you’re looking to showcase new products, provide original video blogs, share instructional videos, or you’re only looking for a new advertising platform with a worldwide reach – YouTube is the social media platform to utilize.

As the world’s largest video sharing website, YouTube provides user-generated rich content to consumers in virtually any market. Currently, the network serves as the Web’s most prominent target for video marketers due to its extensive and diverse viewership and its brand recognition. Allowing your consumers to view, share and interact with your company’s video content not only increases engagement but can lead to increased sales and conversions.
YouTube videos can easily be embedded on websites, blogs and other social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to create a seamlessly integrated user experience. Additionally, Google’s AdWords for video offers valuable paid search advertising opportunities for Google and YouTube users.

Measuring Success

YouTube’s proprietary Analytics tool operates similarly to Google’s Analytics. This resource allows webmasters and marketers to obtain useful information and statistics for individual videos or channels to build more efficient video SEO and digital marketing campaigns.

By default, YouTube Analytics is provided for free to all users and can be easily accessed when logged into a YouTube account.

This resource not only breaks down important factors such as viewer retention, demographic information, “Top 10 videos” and performance stats but also monitors viewer engagement, which is a known video search ranking factor on both Google and YouTube.

In addition to these tools, Genious utilizes specially designed in-house applications to determine how videos are helping your company’s ROI.

How YouTube Helps YOUR Business

Any “product-based” or E-Commerce companies should use YouTube to demonstrate products, as the network is a proven B2C (Business-to-Consumer) conversion enhancement channel. Sales through video and YouTube referrals can be enhanced by video SEO initiatives or AdWords for Video campaigns.

With over 80% of video results in Google coming from YouTube, there is significant SEO value to creating relevant and well-optimized content.

In conjunction with other social media platforms, YouTube can also help raise your overall brand awareness and establish credibility for your business, both on and off the Web.


Growth in Keyword ranking


Increase in Organic traffic


Increase in Top 10 ranking


Increase in Visit duration

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