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Local SEO is a growing facet of the online search experience. Web users are increasingly interested in searching for local information regarding places of interest and area businesses. These searchers are usually looking to find certain businesses of a given industry in a particular region, be it a state, city/town, or city neighborhood level of focus. Searchers gather information about these businesses and what they offer, getting contact details, check hours of operation, and mapping directions. In turn, local SEO works to optimize the web presence of businesses specifically for local search to gain greater visibility and increase the average position of search engine results.

Local SEO Service

Many local businesses cater to customers in a particular location, so they benefit immensely from our local SEO services that address both general visibility and search engine traffic. Our services increase their rankings on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and increase overall online exposure for relevant industry and location-specific search queries. In simple terms, our local SEO efforts expand the reach these businesses have in their local context, putting their information in front of more people online – giving them an advantage over their local competition.

Local SEO has evolved a great deal over the past few years, and Genious has worked to refine and adapt our practices consistently. We focus comprehensive SEO campaigns to directly target local search engine traffic to improve the average position data for rankings that the pages of interest have. As an example of local search and SEO, catering to the area surrounding our headquarters in Beirut, web-users perform location-specific search queries such as “Lebanon SEO Company” or “restaurants in DT Beirut.”

The second search includes the phrase “DT” which brings the focus of the search to a specific neighborhood or part of town that businesses can optimize for. Depending on the scale of your target region and audience, Genious can get you the sort of visibility and average position on the search engines that your small business needs.

Local search has been a growing trend. With the considerable rise in smartphone adoption and increased focus on local signals in the Google algorithm, local search is now more important to small businesses than it has ever been.

99% of respondents from a recent global Google study use search engines on their smartphone, and searching for local businesses is one of the most popular searches – 40% of all searches from smartphones are locally focused.

SEO for Google Places

Google Places and Google Maps are interrelated features that list company information in the SERPs when Web searchers enter industry and location search terms. These provide an opportunity for businesses to list their details and location. Optimized visibility on these features is immensely valuable as Google holds such dominance in Web search. This is an essential facet of local SEO. Similarly, Mobile Search Apps play a role in local search as well. Web searchers use search-oriented apps in addition to search engines to find local businesses. These search Apps include Foursquare, Yellowpages, 5index, Yelp, among others.

Business Directory Listings

Consistent information across your business listings including but not limited to your Name, Address, and Phone is a key local signal to Google. Genious offers a streamlined service for distributing your business directory listing across many different websites and portals. We ensure consistent information that can be managed routinely from one convenient location and offer accurate reporting. Genious looks forward to increasing the amount of citations (mentions) of your business and business profile with our distribution to over 350 digital portals including the Internet, mobile and much more.


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