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Genious helps businesses to rank higher on Google search engine results pages by employing many effective marketing strategies. Conducted as a coordinated effort, these approaches allow companies to market their brand better, grow an audience, and increase their visibility on results pages.

Genious builds bridges in SEO technology to connect clients' goals to reality.

Search Engine Optimization

An SEO campaign is a core component of Google marketing. SEO lays the foundation for websites to be optimized with Google’s indexing and ranking criteria in mind and, in doing so, offers site visitors a better user experience. An SEO campaign is an ongoing effort that involves many steps, including:

  • Initial analysis of a website’s indexation and ranking using tools like Google Webmaster Tools
  • Creation and submission of an XML sitemap for optimal crawlability
  • Research and analysis of ranking keywords, current organic traffic, inbound links, and competitors’ keyword verticals
  • Natural integration of targeted keywords throughout onsite content, title tags, meta descriptions and h1 tags
  • Implementation of site structure changes to improve hierarchy, navigation, or URLs
  • Engagement in a specific link building strategy through competitive link analysis, inbound linking, guest blogging and more
  • Frequent publication of fresh onsite content that is relevant and informative
  • Creation of branded profiles across social media platforms with engaging posts
  • Pursuit of online public relations through press releases and media pitches
  • Quick responses to changes in Google algorithms

Local SEO

A local SEO campaign is designed to help businesses increase conversion rates among local customers. Local SEO is an important strategy for firms that operate storefronts in multiple locations, and its relevancy has heightened as an increasing number of Google users are conducting searches to find places of interest based on industry and location. A local SEO campaign increases local traffic and improves results rankings by:

  • Optimizing site content for location name and locally targeted keywords
  • Creating individual onsite location pages with unique content
  • Establishing listings on Google My Business and Google Maps
  • Pursuing local search apps like Yellow Pages and 5Index
  • Creating multiple business directory listings that include business name, address, and phone number to increase citations
  • Providing opportunities for local customers to leave reviews to boost keyword mentions, provide useful content for other viewers, and maintain an edge over local competition


Google searches from mobile devices have skyrocketed in recent years and, as a result, all websites will need to become mobile-friendly if they hope to improve, or even maintain, their Google ranking. To accommodate its growing sector of mobile users, Google now considers mobile-friendliness a factor when determining a website’s ranking. In fact, sites that are compatible for viewing and navigation on a mobile device will appear on results pages with a mobile-friendly tag displayed prominently beneath their titles. Websites are deemed mobile-friendly for many reasons, including maintaining software that’s compatible with mobile devices, including text that can be read without reliance on the zoom function, eliminating the need for horizontal scrolling, and properly spacing links for easy clicking.

Websites that aren’t mobile-friendly will need to pursue responsive web design, which allows sites to adapt to mobile platforms automatically. The Genious design team can help websites to achieve responsive design through adjustments to back-end coding, the implementation of fluid grids, automatic layout conversions and seamless rotations, and customized media queries that rely on proactive CSS to ensure content properly fits a mobile screen.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform that allows businesses to customize who views an online advertisement on a Google results page. Google AdWords has proven to be a highly-effective means of quickly driving organic traffic and improving rankings. With this unique advertising platform, businesses only pay for ads that viewers click on, which can serve as a more cost-effective marketing tactic. With a Google AdWords advertisement, clients can:

  • Create ads based on targeted keywords
  • Ensure that ads appear above or to the right of relevant organic search results
  • Determine which keywords afford the most organic traffic
  • Target an audience based on their location and queries
  • Reach an audience on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices
  • Access real-time updates of an ad’s click-through rates

Growth in Keyword ranking


Increase in Organic traffic


Increase in Top 10 ranking


Increase in Visit duration

Targeting the wrong neighborhood?

With these tactics and more, Genious can help any business to engage in successful Google marketing and improve its ranking. For more information, email Genious at [email protected] or call us at +9611379760.

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