GEO Targeting PPC Campaign

No matter where your customers come from, Genious helps you define markets and sculpt successful local paid advertising campaigns. Our marketing management will allow you to focus on your core needs as our pay-per-click professionals develop and optimize the online marketing efforts to keep the new business coming in.

Genious builds bridges in SEO technology to connect the clients' goal to reality.

GEO Targeting PPC Campaign

To begin with, aligning your company with experienced PPC management experts provides a return on the investment. Those who have some experience with pay-per-click platforms understand the time and diligence required to succeed; having a devoted specialist running your local paid ad campaign is a wise decision. Not only do the certified managers bring our core competencies and best practices to your campaigns, but they are also up-to-date on the latest and greatest options when running a local paid search program. Furthermore, we apply advanced tactics and levels of understanding to your campaign, facilitating further acceleration of your company’s exposure and growth.

Our GEO Targeting Services

We market with passion and wisdom, using day-part targeting, a method often associated with traditional advertising, but rarely leveraged for online usage. During any PPC campaign, we’ll ensure ads are running during times when your target market is on the Web. In some instances (business-to-business clients), it makes the most sense to run ads while your business is operating rather than hosting them at 2 am when small numbers of consumers are browsing, and your business is closed. For others (entertainment products), consumers may do the most shopping during the evening hours, after work. Day-part targeting keeps better tabs on your ROI!

How many people use smartphones to engage the Web? The numbers are outstanding and rising by the day. Would your company benefit from geo-targeting consumers based on their physical location? Such tactics work very well for particular business models including restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues.

Great online marketing finds target markets. Our PPC campaign management services help you further define your consumer search, adding demographic details such as age, gender, and other factors to the process. For instance, a women’s clothing vendor is likely to target women of a particular age bracket. Adjusting pay-per-click campaigns to reflect optimal target markets is another way to facilitate online marketing success.


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Targeting the wrong neighborhood?

Local businesses have a powerful weapon in local paid advertising and search engine optimization, and a passionate, experienced ally in Genious. Give us a call to discuss your local paid ad opportunities. Increased exposure and revenue is a call away; start the process now.

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