Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion optimization should be a key component of every digital marketing campaign. Its focus is to continuously refine the site’s user experience and conversion flow through AB testing to increase the percentage of visitors that turn into leads.

Your website gets new visitors every day but what percentage of those visitors are converting into sales or leads?

Conversion Optimization is the practice of increasing the conversion rate by testing adjustments to on-page elements. These changes could be as simple as modifying the copy in a call-to-action or altering the color of a button or as elaborate as design alterations to your landing pages.

What is a conversion?

A conversion is the specific action you want your web visitor to take on your website or landing page, such as:



Refer a friend

A button or link click

Downloading brochure

Reaching a particular page

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Conversion Rate Optimization is an art of generating more and more leads from the targeted audience. Conversion optimization makes your customers pick up the phone and call for a quote. Conversion optimization gets them to click the ‘buy’ button now instead of leaving the tab open for later.
By optimizing or improving your web conversion rate, you can get more people to take more action without spending money on attracting more visits to your landing page or website.

Conversion Rate Optimization Process


Increase your customer base and online conversion rate with our website usability services


We can craft compelling sales copy for your website that will encourage your site visitors to convert


We can analyze your conversion funnel and make improvements to increase conversion rate


Our Landing Page Optimization services allow us to optimize your site for better conversion rates


We provide AB testing experiments targeting the pages that will give you the biggest uplift

Our Strategy

Genious offers custom conversion optimization services to maximize your conversions. From form fills and sign-ups to e-commerce sales – no matter what the goal of your site is, our strategies will show you results.

While the recommendations and plan specifics will be unique to your campaign, our conversion optimization service usually proceeds through the following steps:

  • Audit or implement analytics goals tied to the site’s conversions to ensure proper tracking data.
  • Install heat map tracking on the main landing pages to track user behavior.
  • Complete a full UX & Conversion Analysis for the website detailing the recommendations for improving conversion based on best practices, analytics data, heat mapping data and our team’s expert knowledge from implementing conversion strategies for other companies.
  • Prioritize the recommendations from conversion analysis.
  • Begin AB testing the key elements outlined in the analysis.
  • Once a particular test has obtained statistically significant positive results, the improvement should be rolled-out to influence the site's overall business success positively.

Our Pricing

Conversion Optimization is a never-ending process. It is subject to continuous improvement that demonstrates a commitment to maximizing the business value of every website visit. Let Genious show you the power of following best practices for conversion rate optimization for your business. CRO packages are based on the amount of pages and testing which is required. Depending on the size and nature of your project a custom proposal will be developed to meet your needs. All rates are negotiable.

What Clients Say

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