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Regardless if you’re a hospital, medical clinic or pharmaceutical company, the healthcare industry is competitive. In today’s digital age, search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing are the first place consumers will turn to when they seek medical and healthcare information. Without a strong web presence, consumers will be unable to locate and engage your healthcare organization. Even if you’re not looking for new patients, SEO solutions can help your organization boost its credibility, set itself apart from competitors and receive new fundraising or research opportunities.

Our SEO experts at Genious will create customized SEO strategies to help your organization surpass its goals. As search engines are constantly updating their algorithms, it’s important to have a SEO team that is aware of the most recent updates and current best practices. There are a lot of metrics search engines use to rank websites, including content, keywords, technical elements, site speed, social media and link building. Our consultants will evaluate all the existing metrics of your website to ensure they are up to speed and to determine any metrics that are hindering your rankings.

We also understand success means more than just increasing your search engine rankings. Once you get consumers to your site, you need to convert those visits to action. Our lead generation team will utilize effective strategies to generate targeted leads and see them through to help you achieve measurable goals and build your ROI.

Maybe you want your organization to become more established as a leader within the industry. Through our public relations services, we’ll help you secure media coverage in the healthcare industry’s top publications and media outlets. Our content writing team will create customized media pitches and press releases that position you as an industry leader and are aimed to grab the media’s attention. Having mentions in news outlets and reputable blogs will improve your website rankings and result in more visits. Media coverage will also build your backlink profile, thus boosting your credibility online.

We know what it takes to give you the results you’re looking for. To discuss the goals and objectives you have for your healthcare organization, please contact our SEO consultants today at +9611379760. We look forward to helping you achieve success both on and offline.

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