AB Testing Services

AB Testing is an integral part of a business’s ongoing Conversion optimization plan, which will transform a greater percentage of website traffic into direct sales.

How Does My Business Increase Conversions through AB Testing?

AB Testing relies on information gathered from a comprehensive analysis of performance on the main landing pages to make strategic variations in website features. After using these analytics to determine which changes might be fruitful, AB testing allows businesses to test the effectiveness of a change to their website—such as altering the wording of a page heading—by monitoring the behavior of live users who visit the site. AB testing, also sometimes referred to as “split testing,” monitors user activity across two different web pages: a control page (a company’s current page) and the test page (a page with an alteration).

How to increase conversions through AB Testing?

Once a statistically significant number of individuals have visited each page, our AB testing service will generate comparable conversion rate results. The aim, of course, is to implement a change that will verifiably lead to an increase in conversion rates on the test page. After a business has determined that an alteration would, in fact, lead to more revenue and visits, the change will be made to the permanent website.

The variations can range from something as simple as changing a link to a widget or overhauling an entire page design.

What is Multivariate AB Testing?

Businesses can also engage in multivariate AB testing, which means that more than one change is tested at a time. This can provide added convenience and efficiency but, with the wrong AB testing service, can sometimes raise questions as to whether the results were random. For instance, if a company tests changes to X, Y and Z, how will it know whether its 28% increase in conversion was the direct result of all three, or just X and Y? With an AB testing service like ours, information is broken down to show how each variation to a website affected conversion rates.

Note that the definition of conversion need not be limited to just sales—although most businesses are interested in this type of conversion. We may conduct AB testing to get more people to:

  • Subscribe to their monthly newsletter
  • Click on a promotion
  • Visit a social media page
  • Download content

In general, AB testing is a great way for a business to test a marketing idea before making a permanent change; there’s no need to risk trying out a new idea and potentially harming business when you can know if a change will yield better results.

The Proof

If you’re not sure of the extent to which even the smallest of changes can improve conversion rates, consider this; a Lebanon-based company was able to increase their conversion rate by almost 80% just by changing the placement of a description box on their calculator page.

What’s more, a theater company was able to increase sales by 20% after utilizing an AB testing service. They discovered that by just adding an extra letter (changing “ticket” to “tickets”), more viewers stayed on the site longer and purchased more tickets!

Another major professional athletic corporation was able to boost sales by 63% percent after switching a navigation menu from horizontal to vertical to make for a better user experience.

We continue to help clients to successfully implement homepage changes in design elements, copy, layout, specific color and much, much more. We believe there’s no variation too small or bold worth testing if our optimization analysis shows it might help improve your conversion rates! We’ve even used AB testing to help clients that weren’t struggling to meet sales expectations but were only looking for continual improvement and increased revenue.

AB Testing & Conversion Optimization Services

At Genious, we provide clients interested in Conversion Optimization the opportunity to utilize our AB testing services to help boost traffic and generate more sales. After working with our team of Conversion Optimization experts, we’ll set up streamlined AB testing that specifically:

  • Allows for multivariate testing
  • Provides access to real-time tracking and reporting of performance
  • Can customize web pages to specific viewers based on behavior or geographic location
  • Does not require knowledge of HTML and includes an easy-to-use interface
  • Affords the ability to make changes to a test page quickly
  • Provides the opportunity to run tests on multiple pages at once
  • Includes expert analysis of conversion rate results

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Targeting the wrong neighborhood?

So don’t let your company website miss out on optimal conversion rates any longer! With AB testing services from Genious, determining which variations will yield the better results for business is more efficient and simpler than ever. For more information on our web SEO company, call us at +9611379760 or via email at [email protected]

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